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Wellness Lecture: “The Benefits of Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet”

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Wellness Lecture:

The Benefits of Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet

Kate Zenna  Farmers' Market  Chef Anthony Cruz

With Kate Zenna and Chef Anthony Cruz

Join us on Wednesday, November 14th for the Wellness Lecture: The Benefits of Transitioning to a Plant Based Diet. Presented by Kate Zenna (please note speaker change), she will share the health benefits and how easy it can be to make this switch. Then Chef Anthony Cruz will discuss how you can make the transition to vegan eating delicious! The lecture will begin at 6:30 p.m. in The Learning Center (TLC). This program is presented in partnership with Certified Farmers’ Market, a Palm Springs Cultural Center event.

Kate Zenna is host of local Palm Springs talk radio show “The Good Life with Kate Zenna” on  Zenna is a film and TV actor who is dedicated to living a healthy and vibrant life as she pursues her artistic passions. As a working actor, Zenna became used to working long hours, often without the healthiest food available. Keeping herself well-fueled with food that would also make her feel good was always a struggle for Zenna—until she met an Ayurvedic chef in New Mexico while shooting a Lifetime movie. Zenna learned about Ayurveda and tasted the most delicious dish she’d ever had. The dish was called Kitchari and Zenna couldn’t get enough of the vegan comfort food. She begged her new Ayurvedic Chef friend, Prakash, to teach her how to make this heavenly Kitchari.  From that day onward, anytime Zenna worked on film sets she brought her homemade Kitchari with her. It didn’t take long before her fellow actors fell in love with Zenna’s Kitchari and began begging her to make it for them. That’s how ZennaLife was born. After years of supplying Kitchari to the stars in Hollywood, Zenna knew there was something very special happening and began working on the next steps. After moving to Palm Springs in 2017, Zenna realized that the desert was the place to begin sharing ZennaLife Kitchari on a bigger scale. Zenna partnered with some like-minded health entrepreneurs to expand the reach of ZennaLife Kitchari, including Coachella Valley Vegan Chef Anthony Cruz.

Plans for a 2019 desert launch of ZennaLife Kitchari are underway. To stay up to date on ZennaLife news, email to be invited to exclusive Pre-Launch local events.

Anthony Cruz was born and raised in Indio, California. Upon high school graduation he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served his country as a Food Service Specialist in Camp Pendleton, CA. After working in the Food and Beverage industry for several years he decided to pursue another passion of his, working with young kids.

He accepted a position with Riverside County Probation and worked as a Youth Corrections Officer at Indio Juvenile Hall. During his 14 year career at Indio Juvenile Hall he developed poor eating habits and after a routine doctor visit he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Anthony asked the doctor if there was a cure for type II diabetes. The doctor informed him that he could not reverse diabetes and that he would have to live with this disease for the rest of his life.

Anthony began taking prescribed medications to treat the disease and obtained daily samples of his blood to check his blood sugar. This lasted for a few years until one day everything changed. He stumbled upon a documentary called PlantPure Nation. This documentary was life changing for him. This was the first time he had ever heard anyone talk about reversing diabetes by simply changing the food we eat. Motivated by this newfound information he began educating himself about what a whole foods plant based diet was. As he began making the transition to this new lifestyle, the results were almost immediate and remarkable. Within two months he was able to get off of all the medication and no longer had to check his blood sugar. He gradually began to feel better and had a new life. Healthy eating habits, daily meditation and exercising regularly were now in his normal routine. With his new life he created he decided to make some more changes.

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