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The times listed below are scheduled flight times.

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Airline Flight Arriving From Scheduled Time Actual Time Status
American 2709 Dallas-Ft. Worth Wed 06:07 PM Wed 06:30 PM Arrived
United 5887 Denver Wed 08:16 PM Wed 08:11 PM On Time
United 5413 Los Angeles Wed 07:45 PM Wed 07:38 PM On Time
Sun Country 617 Minneapolis Wed 05:55 PM Wed 05:55 PM Arrived
JetBlue 149 New York-JFK Wed 08:46 PM Wed 08:40 PM On Time
American 3055 Phoenix Wed 05:50 PM Wed 05:42 PM Arrived
American 3085 Phoenix Wed 09:23 PM Wed 09:23 PM On Time
Delta 4763 Salt Lake City Wed 09:11 PM Wed 09:04 PM On Time
United 5621 San Francisco Wed 05:38 PM Wed 05:27 PM Arrived
Alaska 1590 San Francisco Wed 06:21 PM Wed 06:46 PM Arrived
United 5383 San Francisco Wed 08:34 PM Wed 08:28 PM On Time
United 5338 San Francisco Wed 10:15 PM Wed 10:15 PM On Time
Alaska 1598 San Francisco Wed 10:26 PM Wed 10:26 PM On Time