Police Advisory Board

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This board is comprised of volunteer community members who meet regularly to provide input to the Chief of Police. The members of the Police Advisory Board serve as representatives of a variety of demographics in the community.


The current members of the committee are:

 Steve Albrecht Dick Mandell 
 Liliana Diaz Joy Meredith 
 Sidney Craig Angela Ochoa 
 Maureen Ferriter Thom Bettinger 
 Dixie Miller Angel Vanderveer 
 B.J. Johnson John Williams 
 Victor Lema  


We, the members of the Palm Springs Citizen's Police Advisory Board are committed to:

  1. Act as liaison between the community and the police department.
  2. Promote community awareness, understanding and involvement of police programs and services.
  3. Provide an avenue to identify problems and/or issues from the community to the police department and from the police department to the community.
  4. Advocate quality in law enforcement by promoting education and training of all police department personnel and volunteers.

To fulfill this mission, we the members, agree to listen to the needs of the community and the police department in the interest of providing advice and guidance to serve the greatest mutual benefit of all.

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