Police Reserves

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Police ReservesThe Palm Springs Police Reserve Officer Organization was formed nearly 50 years ago, and offers the community of Palm Springs a broad spectrum of volunteer services. The Reserve officers are men and women from all walks of life who donate thousands of hours to the community each year, while serving as working police officers.

After an intensive training program, most Reserves achieve Level II status, which allows them to work in the field as backup partners to sworn Palm Springs Police officers. Level I status can be attained with additional advanced training, and these officers are permitted to work as solo patrol officers. Most Reserves serve in patrol, but some specialize in areas such as investigations, mounted enforcement officers, bicycle officers, or search and rescue operations. Others assist with background checks of police officer candidates, or provide clerical or emergency medical services. These technical volunteers are designated as Level III Reserves.

Police ReservesThe quality of training for the Palm Springs Reserves is the highest offered for a police auxiliary program. The Reserves attend monthly training courses that include firearms qualifications, weaponless defense tactics, arrest and control techniques, high-risk vehicle stops, first aid, and crowd control.

The Reserves proudly wear the uniform of the Palm Springs Police, and earn service and marksmanship awards that are identical to those worn by the sworn officers of the Department. Those Reserves who show leadership qualities are encouraged to compete for the Reserve staff positions, which include Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain. Each Reserve officer receives a monthly uniform allowance in acknowledgment of their volunteer spirit.

Police ReservesA fairly high percentage of our Reserve Officers have been successful in getting hired as full-time Police Officers at the Palm Springs Police Department. If you have an interest in a career in law enforcement with our agency, this is an excellent route to take.

The Reserve Organization of the Palm Springs Police Department welcomes all qualified candidates. Those candidates will possess a high school diploma, and must have completed POST certified college courses at a community college or law enforcement academy.

If you have academy training and you're interested in applying for the Reserves, CLICK HERE FOR AN APPLICATION.  After filling out the application, SIGNING and printing it, you can bring it to the Police Department (click HERE for address and directions), or mail it to the attention of Sgt. Mike Villegas.

For more information, contact:

Sgt. G. Fernandez, Reserve Coordinator
(760) 323-8115

Ofc. A. Pilutik, Assistant Coordinator
(760) 778-8440 x6515