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General Info/Police Report: (760) 323-8116

Non-Emergency Crimes/Incidents: (760) 327-1441

Mailing Address: 

Palm Springs Police Department
P.O. Box 1830
Palm Springs, California 92263

Personnel Directory

By Last Name
By Department



How to Find Us: We are located at 200 South Civic Drive in Palm Springs, just west of the Palm Springs International Airport.  View map.

Get off the I-10 Freeway at the Highway 111 (Palm Canyon Drive) exit, and follow it south. After passing the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway on your right, continue south on Palm Canyon Drive approximately 2½ miles. The road will become a one-way street in Downtown Palm Springs. At the center of town, turn left on Tahquitz Canyon Way (Starbuck's will be on your right). Continue east on Tahquitz Canyon Way. After passing the Palm Springs Mall and Farrell Drive, watch for Civic Drive (if you hit the Airport, you've gone too far). Turn right on Civic Drive and watch for the Police Department on your left. Park in front of the Training Center. You'll see the door to the lobby next to our beautiful Police Memorial Plaza.

Get off the I-10 Freeway at the Ramon Road exit. Follow Ramon Road west approximately 3.8 miles, and you'll cross the Ramon Road bridge. Continue west across the Ramon Road bridge. You'll pass the Palm Springs International Airport on your right. As soon as you pass the airport, turn right at the traffic signal on El Cielo Road. At the next signal, turn left on Baristo Road. Turn right on the very first street, Civic Drive. Watch for the Police Department on your right. Park in front of the Training Center. You'll see the door to the lobby next to our beautiful Police Memorial Plaza.

The following is a list of phone numbers for Palm Springs Police Department personnel. Names of employees with access to Email will be underlined. You may also choose to leave a voicemail message. to access our voicemail system, dial (760) 778-8440.

Callers with hearing and speech disabilities may contact any of the persons listed below by dialing (760) 864-9527 (TDD).

PSPD Employees by Last Name

Name Title Phone #
(Area Code 760 unless indicated)
Abshire, P. Police Lieutenant - Patrol 323-8119
Aguilera, J. Police Officer 778-8440 x6546
Alcaraz, G. 
Police Officer - Downtown 778-8440 x6522 
Andre, N. Police Sergeant 778-8440 x6307
Araiza, G. Police Lieutenant - Patrol
Arden, R.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6528 
Arellano, J. Police Officer 778-8440 x6519
Barth, N. Police Officer 778-8440 x6570
Beach, J. Police Officer
778-8440 x6562
Beard, M. Police Sergeant
778-8440 x6311
Beckert, T.
Police Officer - Airport
Benstead, D. Detective - CAPS 323-8142
Bermudez, G. Community Services Officer (CSO) 778-8440 x6704 
Blythe, B. Dispatch Supervisor 778-8404
Bosler, S. Senior Secretary 323-8101
Browning, F. Police Lieutenant- Investigations 323-8121
Buduan, D.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6501 
Burton, J. Police Officer 778-8440 x6510
Cabrera, J. Sergeant - Property Crimes
Calleros, J.  Police Officer -Downtown 778-8440 x6534 
Campbell, R. Records PSO 323-8116
Canchola, A.  Police Officer  323-8440 x6554 
Cantu, A. Police Officer 778-8440 x6506
Carlin, S. Police Officer
778-8440 x6557
Carrillo, C. Motor Officer 323-8102
Casas, C. Records PSO 323-8116
Casavan, M. Police Sergeant
778-8440 x6313
Christiansen,E.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6531 
Colantuono, L. Police Officer 778-8440 x6513
Cook, J. Community Policing Officer 416-5743
Costello, D. Police Officer - Airport 318-3840
Crampton, M. Police Officer 778-8440 x6572
Crocker, J. School Resources Officer 778-0430
Delaney, M. Police Officer 778-8440 x6509
DeLaRosa, A. Crime Analyst 778-8407
Delgado, M. Police Officer
778-8440 x6563
Desmarais, M. Police Lieutenant- Patrol 323-8119
Doherty, A. Police Officer 778-8440 x6530
Donovan, A. Motor Officer 323-8102
Drinkwater, L. Detective - Property
Duthaler, C. Detective - Property 323-8133
Edney, C.  Dispatcher  323-8116 
Enderle, A. Motor Officer 323-8102 
Escallada, E.
Police Officer
778-8440 x6549
Etchason, D. Detective - Task Force 323-8131 x8661
Evans, W. Community Services Officer (CSO) 778-8440 x6705 
Farley, B. Police Officer 778-8440 x6511
Farrance, H. Senior Secretary - Detectives 778-8411
Fernandez, G. Police Sergeant 778-8440 x6315
Fieux, K. Police Sergeant 778-8440 x6305
Flinn, S. Police Sergeant - Airport 318-3801
Galvan, A. Police Sergeant 778-8440 x6314
Garcia, P.  Animal Control Officer  323-8152 
Gilbert, T. Police Officer
778-8440 x6556
Gonzalez, L.  Police Officer - Airport 778-8440 x6537 
Gossett, L. Police Officer
778-8440 x6560
Green, S. Records - PSO Supervisor 323-8116
Grissom, S. Detective - CAPS
Guarino, F. Police Sergeant 778-8440 x6301
Gunkel, A. Dispatcher 323-8116
Hackbarth, I. Police Sergeant 778-8440 x6302
Harris, S. Community Services Officer (CSO) 778-8440 x6701
Harrison, A. Police Officer - Airport
Heron, M. Police Officer 778-8440 x6571
Hilton, "CJ" Police Officer - Airport 318-3840
Hutchinson, S.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6507 
Hutchinson, W. Police Sergeant- P.I.O. 323-8106
Jaeger, C. Detective -Property
Jimenez, J. Police Officer
778-8440 x6514
Jones, R. Detective - Task Force 778-8131 x8679
Kasal, M. Detective - CAPS 323-8136
Kelly, J. Police Records Technician 323-8147
Kovaleff, M.

Police Captain- Operations

Kulbin, L. Detective - Property 323-8157
Lamb, J.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6541 
Lane, B. Detective - CAPS 778-8422
Larson, E. Police Sergeant 778-8440 x6304
Lawrence, T.  Police Officer - Airport  318-3840 
Litch, M. Police Officer -Airport K9 318-3840
Lomeli, R.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6547 
Lopez, G. Dispatcher 323-8116
Lu, K. Traffic Investigator
778-8440 x6502
Mader, A. Dispatcher 323-8116
Menley, C. Rangemaster 323-8108
Moss, W.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6548 
Nanez, P.
Police Officer
778-8440 x6540
Newbry, J. Community Services Officer (CSO) 778-8440 x6703
Notte, C. Senior Secretary 323-8114
Olson, M.  Detective - Task Force
Osburn, J.  Crime Scene Technician  323-8104 
Ortiz, E. Transport Officer 323-8116
Pairrett, K. Dispatcher 323-8116
Peeters, H Police Captain 323-8128 
Perez, B.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6544 
Pilutik, A. Police Officer 778-8440 x6515
Ramos, P. Police Officer 778-8440 x6527
Raso, R. Police Detective - Property 323-8140
Reyes, B. Police Chief
Reynoso, M.  Community Policing Officer  416-5743
Robinson, R. Dispatcher 323-8116
Ryan, B. Police Officer 778-8440 x6559
Salgado, F. Police Officer 778-8440 x6529
Salomon, R. Motor Officer 778-8440 x6516
Sanders, S. Police Officer - K9 778-8440 x6576
Sandoval, K. Police Officer 778-8440 x6565
Sawyer, A. Administrative Assistant 323-8126
Serrano, M.
Police Officer
778-8440 x6551
Smart, C.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6539 
Steed, M. Police Officer -K9 778-8440 x6536
Steepleton, S. Police Officer 778-8440 x6512
Stjerne, K. Sergeant - Detective / CAPS 323-8144
Sulak, M.  Detective - Task Force 323-8146 
Thomas, T. Property Technician 323-8122
Tiedeman, A. Police Officer 778-8440 x6518
Tisdale, L. Animal Control Director 323-8151
Topliff, H. Dispatcher 323-8116
Torres, M. Police Sergeant 323-8115
Torres, M. Police Officer  323-8440 x6552 
Vargas, A.  Police Officer  778-8440 x6545 
Vasquez, J.      Community Services Officer (CSO) 778-8440 x6702
Vela, J. Dispatcher 323-8116
Villegas, M. Police Sergeant - Traffic 323-8105
Weems, C. Temp Dispatcher 323-8116
Whittaker, J. Records PSO 323-8116
Wilson, K. Police Officer 778-8440 x6555


PSPD Employees by Department

Division Name Phone#
  Chief of Police B. Reyes
  Captain M. Kovaleff 323-8120
  Captain H. Peeters  323-8128 
  Lt. P. Abshire 323-8119

Lt. G. Araiza 323-8119

Lt. F. Browning 323-8121
  Lt. M. Desmarais 


Administrative Sgt. W. Hutchinson 323-8106
  Administrative Secretary A. Sawyer 323-8126
  Senior Secretary C. Notte 323-8114

Senior Secretary S. Bosler 323-8101

  Administration Fax Line 323-8173
Aero Squadron  
  Sgt. S. Flinn 318-3801
Airport Law Enforcement  

Ofc. C. Hilton 318-3840
  Ofc. M. Litch

Ofc. D. Costello 318-3840

Ofc. A. Harrison
  Ofc. L. Gonzalez
  Ofc. T. Beckert
  Ofc. T. Lawrence 318-3840 
  Sgt. S. Flinn
Animal Control  

L. Tisdale 323-8151
  P. Garcia  323-8152 
Citizens on Patrol  
  Information Line 323-8149

Communications (Dispatch & Records)  

S. Green, PSO (Records) Supervisor 323-8116

B. Blythe, Dispatch Supervisor 778-8404
Crime Analysis Unit  
  A. DeLaRosa 778-8407

Lt. F. Browning
Detectives - Crimes Against Persons
  Sgt. K. Stjerne 323-8144
  Det. B. Lane 778-8422
  Det. S. Grissom
  Det. M. Kasal  323-8136 
  Det. C. Jaeger
  CSI J. Osburn 323-8104
  Sr. Sec. H. Farrance 778-8411
Detectives - Property Crimes  
  Sgt. J. Cabrera

Det. C. Duthaler 323-8133
  Det. L. Kulbin 323-8157
  Det. L. Drinkwater
  Det. R. Raso  323-8140 
  Property Tech T. Thomas 323-8122
  Detective Fax Line 323-8176
Downtown Experience  

Sgt. E. Larson 416-5731

Ofc. J. Calleros 416-5731
  Ofc. G. Alcaraz  416-5731 

  Downtown Fax Line 416-5629

  Emergencies ONLY 9-1-1
  Information Line 323-8431
Firing Range  
  Rangemaster C. Menley 323-8108
Lab / Evidence  
  Crime Scene Tech J. Osburn 323-8104
  Property Tech T. Thomas 323-8122
Narcotics Task Force  
  General Number 323-8131
Patrol Sergeant  
  On-duty Patrol Sergeant 323-8115
Personnel & Training
  Administrative Sgt. W. Hutchinson 323-8106
  Senior Secretary S. Bosler 323-8101
Police Officers' Association (PSPOA)  
   Message Phone 778-8420 
   CLICK for PSPOA Website  
Police Records Tech. / Warrants / Stats  

Records Tech J. Kelly 323-8147
Public Information (PIO)
  Sgt. W. Hutchinson 323-8106
  General Information 323-8116
  After Hours Non-emergency 327-1441
  Fax Line 323-8178
Reserve Officers  

Sgt. G. Fernandez (Coordinator) 323-8115
  Ofc. A. Pilutik (Asst Coordinator) 323-8115
School Resources Officer - Palm Springs High School
  Officer J. Crocker 778-0432
  Sgt. M. Villegas 323-8105
  Det. K. Lu 323-8125
  Motor Officer A. Donovan 323-8102
  Motor Officer A. Enderle 323-8102
  Motor Officer R. Salomon  323-8102 
  Motor Officer C. Carrillo 323-8102 
Watch Commander  
  On-duty Patrol Lieutenant 323-8119
  On-duty Patrol Sergeant 323-8115


Inv. D. Crager 778-8428

Inv. J. Aguanno 778-8456
  Inv. J. Henderson  778-8424 
  Inv. R. Montante  778-5432