The City of Palm Springs uses a Pavement Management Systems (PMS) to help in deciding about which sections of roadway will be subject to yearly Slurry Seal or Asphalt Overlay. In early 2008, the Public Works Department conducted a visual survey of all 270+ miles of paved streets within Palm Springs City Limits (Approx. 1100 Acres). This includes areas north of I-10, west to the SR 111 and I-10 connection, east to Cathedral City, and south to bordering Riverside County property. The result was a 302 page report presented to the City Council with every paved street and mapped section graded with a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) value. Streets were graded poor, good, or very good. The City recently converted over to MicroPaver™, a computerized software package to take field data and log current conditions, calculate pavement life, wear rates and resurfacing needs. These values will be used as guide for future slurry and overlay capital improvement projects. In 2008, the City Council has made it a priority to begin fixing the worst residential streets first and to continue until all the streets in the City are at least rated good.

Pavement Management System Report - (Updated 02/23/2015)