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Wellness Lecture: Organic Wine - What Is the Difference?

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Wellness Lecture: Organic Wine, What Is the Difference?

Annie Arnold


Presented by Annie Arnold, founder of, learn more about current wine trends that are affecting our earth and our health.  Discover what is happening in the world of commercial winemaking (including certified organic, biodynamic, sustainable, non-GMO, etc.), as well as the boutique wine styles which strive to bring wine back to the way it has been made for generations. The lecture will begin at 6:30 p.m. in The Learning Center. This program is presented in partnership with the Certified Farmers’ Market, a Palm Springs Cultural Center event. 

Journey through the history of winemaking and what it has evolved into today; Annie will guide us through the current standards, certifications, and labeling and share how the mass production of wine is not only bad for our health, but for the farmers and the earth.  She will introduce you to new methods of "winegrowing" that have been resurrected from the past, and that have been implemented on modern boutique farms around the world and will share more about certified organic, biodynamic, sustainable, non-GMO, no-sulfites-added, gluten-free and vegan wines! There is always so much to learn in the world of wine!

Annie Rabin Arnold is a 3rd generation wine aficionado and Organic Wine Retail Pioneer, that grew up in the retail wine business, that began with her grandfather in 1938. As Ann reentered into the wine scene, she noticed a niche that was not clearly defined or well represented. This lead her on a path to bring together two of her passions:  wine and organic products.  The dream of representing organic vineyards and wines from around the world is now a reality with her online company  In addition, Annie continues to grow her passion for organic vineyards by producing a documentary called “Off the Vine - a Journey Back to  Traditional Winegrowing” which is slated to be completed in Spring 2021.






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