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Author Lecture: Rainbow Relatives

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Author Lecture: Rainbow Relatives 

Presented by author Sudi (Rick) Karatas whose book shares real world stories and advice on how to talk to kids about LGBTQ family and friends. The book will be available for sale following the presentation.  The lecture will begin at 2:30 p.m. in The Learning Center.

rick karatasWritten as an entertaining guide for parents, uncles, aunts, teachers and other trusted adults to find the language and methods to discuss lgbtq topics with children, the author collected real, humorous, and heartwarming stories to help answer questions children may have on various topics about LGBT people and families. While there’s a comedic side to the book with chapters like: There Was No Monster In Your Closet but Your Uncle Was, and “Kids, Your Father, Well, SHE has Something To Tell You,  and Daddy Left Mommy For Tommy, many serious issues are also discussed like bullying, and being more accepting of all people and families.

Rick Karatas (a.k.a Sudi Karatas) born and grew-up in Long Island New York, now resides in southern California, His given name is Sudi but he also goes by Rick because, as he explains it, as a Gemini he needed a name for each personality. He has appeared on One Life To Live, Passions, The Ground Floor (as writer and actor) and his own show which he wrote and produced called, Skits and Giggles. He also appeared on a milk carton once as a child. His passion is writing. He has written over a dozen screenplays  and although this is his first book, he also has a feature film Walk A Mile In My Pradas  co-written with Tom Archdeacon, starring Tom Arnold, Dee Wallace and Bruce Vilanch and  it is on Amazon Prime now free for members, previously on Netflix.  His next film Charlie’s Dream, a family inspirational film, will star John Schneider and Joely Fisher will direct.

He got the idea for this book when he asked his sister if her children knew about their uncle’s sexual orientation.  She said she wasn’t sure how to approach it and wished there was a book on that.  So he wrote a book on that.  For more info on the author visit his website at





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