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Nature Lecture: The Amazing World of Monarch Butterflies.

Presented in partnership with the Palm Springs Sustainability Commission

The lecture will begin at 6:30 p.m. in The Learning Center. This program is presented in partnership with the Palm Springs Sustainability Commission.

Many associate monarchs with their awe-inspiring migration. But their evolutionary plant partner, the milkweed, is also unique in fascinating ways!  This talk will explore the relationship between Monarchs and Milkweed.  We will consider how the features of milkweed have led to over one hundred species in North America--adapted for weather extremes and soil conditions from coast to coast.  The talk will also cover surprising aspects of monarch metamorphosis.  What occurs inside that chrysalis so that a train-like caterpillar, made to move along the ground, can transform into an air-born butterfly?  And what hormone in that process has led to saving human lives? Please join us as we wonder together, learn answers to these questions about the astonishing and beautiful complexity of the amazing relationship between monarch butterflies and milkweed.

Barbara Rosenberg, a Penn State Master Gardener, has specialized in monarch butterflies for twenty-five years.  Many of Barbara’s neighbors have planted desert milkweed (Asclepias Subulata) after visiting her South Palm Springs butterfly garden.

Monarch Butterfly

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