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Trader Joe's Petition

Bring Trader Joe's to Palm Springs!

Post Date:01/11/2008

The Neighborhood Involvment Committee is sponsoring a petition drive to bring Trader Joe's to Palm Springs.

This has been spearheaded by the Baristo Neighborhood Organization. David Carden supported this same drive in Long Beach and the drive was successful. The plan is to collect 5,000 signatures from all neighborhoods and members of the community by April 1, 2008. John Raymond, Economic Development Director for the City of Palm Springs, will take the 5,000 signatures to the annual Shopping Center convention in Las Vegas in May where he can make the presentation to the corporate executives of Trader Joe's who will be in attendance.

Join us in asking Trader Joe's to build a grocery store in Palm Springs. Great things happen when neighbors come together for the well being of our community.

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