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Neighborhood Reps Tour City's Emergency Operating Center

Post Date:07/22/2007

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement Committee got a firsthand look July 12 at the City's Emergency Operating Center in City Hall, which will serve as ground zero for communications in the event of a major disaster. The center, constructed in 1965, is designed to coordinate and support the emergency operation efforts of the City and to provide a protected place in which to work. It is fully equipped to run off a generator if needed, and with special phones that remain active during emergencies.

Specified staff members will report to this center when notified to do so. The Emergency Operating Center has four main functions: (1) to receive information; (2) to issue instructions; (3) to maintain coordination with local Emergency Operating Center authorities; and (4) to evaluate the situation in order to provide a basis for instructions to be issued.

Fire Chief Blake Goetz conducted the 30-minute tour to educate committee members about the facility and its purpose. Neighborhood representatives taking the tour were: Ron Siegel from the Bel Desierto Neighborhood Organization, James Lundin from the Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Organization and Sheila Cobrin from the Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization.

City Manager David H. Ready also indicated that during an emergency when the center is activated, a Neighborhood Involvement Committee representative will be included during the briefing sessions.

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