Living with Wildlife

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Living with wildlife

We all enjoy the views of the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto vista while living or visiting Palm Springs.  But living so close to the wilderness can be an adventure by itself.  As the City has many location to visit and see the splendor of nature, nature too visits us.  Even though the sight of a raccoon or the coyote crossing your path can be held in wonder it too can be dangerous, not only for you but for your pet. 

Since the valley and our City has been dedicated for sometime as a wildlife preserve, we need to respect the animals that were here before us.  We have some tips for living with the wildlife.

Your best defense is always a great offense.  Know what animals are in your area, when they forage for food, where they might nest or seek cover.  It is also important not to encourage the wildlife to feed off of us.  Here are some simple tips:

  • Never leave pet food out at night
  • Secure your trash cans
  • Never leave small pets or even children unattended in areas travels by wildlife

If you are walking or hiking

  • Never attempt to feed by hand, pet or capture wildlife. They may look cute and cuddly but they are wild by nature.
  • Keep your pets on leash

Additionally if you carry a whistle, air horn or other such device with you, most wildlife will run away when startled by such noises.

Here are some additional helpful hints provided by the California Department of Fish and Game.  Simply click on the animal you are concerned about.  

California Fish and Game Living with Wildlife



Rattle Snakes

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