The Michele Mician Community Garden

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The Michele Mician Community Garden is located behind the Demuth Community Center (3601 E. Mesquite Ave). It is dedicated to the City's first Sustainability Manager, Michele C. Mician, who was responsible for bringing the garden to life. Click on the link below to watch the dedication ceremony on the City's YouTube channel.

What is a Community Garden?

The garden is a piece of land set aside by the City and maintained by members of the community. It provides interested members of the public with access to garden plots that they can use to grow fresh produce and plants. The experience connects gardeners with the food they eat and facilitates neighborhood improvement, a sense of community, and connection to the environment. Check out the amazing results of our gardeners in this video made in honor of Earth Day 2020. 

 Earth Day Palm Springs Community Garden 2020.mp4

Interested in Gardening in the Desert?

We frequently get questions about gardening in the desert - at the community garden or elsewhere. Jay Coelho, one of our long-time gardeners put together this video to answer some common questions we receive and provide more scenes from the great crops our gardeners have been growing. Gardening is a great way to save money at the grocery store and live a little more sustainably.

How Can I Rent a Plot?

If you are interested in renting a plot, please contact Daniel DeGarmo, Sustainability Program Coordinator at 760-323-8248 or via email at

There are two plot sizes: a small plot, approximately 6 feet by 3 feet, and a large plot, approximately 12 feet by 3 feet. 

Returning gardeners must renew their plots by turning in an application to the front desk of City Hall at 3200 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262. 

New Gardeners should fill out an application form and send it to the Office of Sustainability at 3200 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, PO Box 2743, Palm Springs CA, 92263-2743.

A printable application form is available here. 

What Are The Costs & Deposits For The Garden Plots?

There is a per season $30 plot rental fee for the small plots, $50 for the large plots. There is generally a limit of 1 garden plot per gardener in one season. If there are empty plots available in November, the City can assign more than one plot to a gardener.

What Can I Plant?

Gardeners have a lot of flexibility in what they can plant. Gardeners are encouraged to plant edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs as well as cutting flowers. Gardeners are prohibited from planting large tress or plants that may shade other plots and from planting invasive species such as nutgrass. Please click here for a full list of "do's and don'ts." 

The planting season usually begins in the fall. 

What Is Provided At The Community Gardens?

  • Community space on which to grow food, herbs and flower
  • Water for irrigation
  • Amenities such as picnic tables, parking, garbage cans, fencing, shade areas
  • A limited number of basic gardening tools

When Can I Start Planting?

Work can begin on your plot as soon as you are assigned a garden plot.

The minimum requirements to “getting started” include: Weeding, planting or working the soil in preparation for planting, and pathway clean-up.

How Often Should I Work On My Garden?

Remember, gardens take time. Please try to be realistic about the commitment that you are about to make. Gardeners must perform a minimum of 3- 5 hours of service per plot each week to keep on top of a growing garden.

When Is Garden Clean Up?

At the end of the rental season, gardeners must level and clean their plots unless approved for renewal. Clean up your plot, as well as the walkway directly around your plot by removing dead plants, rocks, temporary supports (fencing), and other debris. Gardeners whose plots remain with debris at the end of the year will be notified of a violation.

What Is Garden Etiquette?

Gardening Courtesy and Communication

One of the main goals in community gardening is to work together or next to each other in relative harmony. Please be courteous in all interactions and work together to resolve any disagreements.


Keeping a “Clean and Green” Garden!

Your garden plot must be planted, maintained, or mulched, and stay within its boundaries. You may not grow soil only in your garden plot - that is not gardening. You must have produce or plants in your plots. Plots may not be consistently weedy, untended or filled with debris. Gardeners are expected to spend 3-5 hours per week, on average, tending the plot during the growing season. Keeping a “Clean and Green” garden area helps to create an enjoyable place to work for all gardeners and is a delight to the community to see!




Ensuring a cleaner garden as it ensures neighbors will clean up and respect the area in order to keep from creating violations and losing their plot;


Please aid us in cleaning up a plot faster when there are issues with garden abandonment and forfeiture;


Respect of Municipal Property

Do: Respect your neighbor’s garden and the rights of the community residents as well as appreciate the fact that this land has been made available by the City of Palm Springs.

Do: Follow all rules and guidelines and keep your area maintained.

Do: Dump garden waste in the appropriate garbage bins at your garden site. Our parks, greenbelts and natural areas are not a place for garden weeds, as weeds can be invasive, destroying our natural vegetation.


What to Grow?

Do: Plant vegetables, herbs, flowers and small fruit plants for home consumption.

Do: Donate your produce if you will not use it.

Don’t: Use your garden plot to make soil. Community garden plots are to be used for produce or plants only.

Don’t: Plant trees or other plants that shade adjacent plots.


Do: Pick up litter from the pathways and common areas. This will contribute to the health and cleanliness of the entire garden.

Don’t: Throw rocks or other heavy items into the garbage cans. They make it difficult to empty out the garbage can.

Don’t: Throw weeds and rocks over the fence.



Do: Teach your children the many benefits of gardening.

Do: Work to keep our gardens child friendly, make every effort to see that children respect the neighboring garden plots, walkways, and other gardeners.



Do: Keep your pets at home. Pets are prohibited at the community garden. In the parking area, dogs are to remain on-leash. Animal waste and urine from pets are often detrimental to gardens and produce.


Tools and Power Equipment

Do: Bring your own seeds, gardening tools, hoses, etc. for your plots. Please no power equipment.


Sale of Grown Goods

Don’t: Sell your produce grown through this program. Produce cannot be for commercial use and may not be sold.


Vandals and Other Garden Pests

Do: Be aware that this does happen. There is very little we can do about the occasional free pickers.


Vacations or Plot Abandonment

Do: Call if you have to leave town on vacation, and may not be attending your plot for a short time. Or, if you must leave town for an extended period of time and need to abandon your garden, please let us know as soon as possible to close out your paperwork.


Notification of Violations

Do: Following all the above guidelines should keep you free from receiving violation notifications. Ignorance of these guidelines will not be an excuse to receiving a violation. This will also ensure that everyone will have a successful and enjoyable gardening season. Failure to maintain your garden plot in an attractive manner, and after due warning, could result in forfeiture of your gardening privileges.


Please read our policy below:

A written notice of the violation will both be posted in your plot and mailed to the address given on your rental agreement. The gardener will have 5 days to correct the problem. If there is no response to the warning and letter, your plot and plot fee will be forfeited for the year.

Notice: With the forfeiture of your plot you have removed your rights for preferential plot reservations for the following year.


What About Volunteering?

Volunteer – it’s easy! We look for volunteers that can give as little as a day, or as much as an entire summer in helping out with our Community Garden Program, special garden events or programs, up-keeping any unused plots or even teaching your own gardening class! For information on how to volunteer, please contact us at 760-320-2692.


Have a Gardening Question?

Call Riverside County Master Gardeners. They are here to answer your gardening questions!

  • Office hours: 9-Noon, Monday—Friday
  • Phone: 951-683-6491
  • Email:
  • Walk-ins welcome: 21150 Box Springs Rd., Ste. 202, Moreno Valley, CA  92557

Bring a sample for identification, or drop by to ask questions. If you bring a sample, please put plant material in a plastic bag.