City Council Subcommittees

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City Council Liaisons, Standing Committees, and Regional Appointments

Individual Member of City Council serve  as City Council Liaisons on a number of issues and/or projects and represent the City on Regional Organizations. Click Here to download the current roster of City Council Liaisons, Standing, and Regional Organization Appointments.

City Council Liaisons: One or more Councilmember may serve as a liaison to staff and/or the community on a particular issue or project and may make recommendations to the full City Council.

Ad Hoc Subcommittees: A temporary advisory committee composed solely of less than a quorum of the legislative body that serves a limited or single purpose, that is not perpetual, and that will be dissolved once its specific task is completed. This type of subcommittee is not subject to the Brown Act.

Standing Subcommittees: A legislative body which have either: (1) a continuing subject matter jurisdiction, or (2) a meeting schedule fixed by charter, ordinance, resolution, or formal action of the legislative body. Even if comprised of less than a quorum of the governing body, a standing subcommittee is subject to the Brown Act.

Regional Appointments: Members of the City Council are appointed to serve on regional committees and organizations as the City's representative on the Board of Directors or serves as a liaison for the City Council. Certain regional appointments provide stipends to Board Members for attendance, you may download the Fair Political Practices Commission Form 806, Report of Public Officials Appointments.

Standing Subcommittee Agendas