Domestic Partnerships

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Municipal Domestic Partnership

Pursuant to Chapter 2.45 of the Palm Springs Municipal Code, the City Clerk's Office administers the Municipal Domestic Partnership Program.  Domestic partners, who meet the qualifications of a domestic partnership under this chapter may make an official record of the domestic partnership by completing, signing, and submitting to the City Clerk, on the form prescribed by the City Clerk, a "Statement of Domestic Partnership" stating that they meet the requirements of the chapter.

A domestic partnership is terminated when 1) one partner dies or is married, 2) the partners no longer have a common residence, or 3) one partner gives written notice by certified mail of  termination. Upon the occurrence of such event, at least one former partner shall file with the City Clerk a statement of termination of domestic partnership.

To learn more about the program, contact the City Clerk's Office at (760) 323-8204.