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Arrivals | Departures
Airline Flight Departing To Scheduled Time Actual Time Status
Alaska 1553 Portland Tue 01:50 PM Tue 01:52 PM Departed
United 2419 San Francisco Tue 02:03 PM Tue 01:55 PM On Time
United 2363 Chicago O Hare Tue 02:23 PM Tue 02:14 PM Departed
Delta 2960 Minneapolis Tue 02:23 PM Tue 02:20 PM Departed
American 1714 Dallas-Ft. Worth Tue 02:35 PM Tue 02:35 PM Departed
American 5722 Phoenix Tue 03:09 PM Tue 03:00 PM Departed
Alaska 1567 Seattle Tue 03:15 PM Tue 03:11 PM Departed
Alaska 3357 San Francisco Tue 04:00 PM Tue 04:00 PM On Time
Westjet 1727 Vancouver Tue 04:10 PM Tue 04:10 PM On Time
Alaska 2767 Everett Tue 04:15 PM Tue 04:15 PM On Time
United 5568 Denver Tue 04:21 PM Tue 04:21 PM On Time
Delta 3660 Salt Lake City Tue 04:35 PM Tue 04:35 PM On Time
Westjet 1475 Calgary Tue 05:30 PM Tue 05:30 PM On Time
Alaska 3385 San Francisco Tue 06:00 PM Tue 06:00 PM On Time
Alaska 1555 Portland Tue 07:00 PM Tue 07:00 PM On Time
United 2278 San Francisco Tue 07:00 PM Tue 07:00 PM On Time