Flood Certificate Information

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FEMA Flood Map Adjusments

The City strongly suggests that you hire a professional civil engineer to help you assess your property(ies), explain the following processes, and apply for the appropriate FEMA document to fit your specific needs.

The FEMA Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letter of Map Amendment - Out as Shown (LOMA-OAS) determination is a no cost-application and will state the property or building is correctly shown outside the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) and, therefore, the mandatory flood insurance requirement does not apply.

How do I apply for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)?

Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) is the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA's) official modification to an effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). LOMRs can result in a physical change to the existing regulatory floodway, the effective Base Flood Elevations (BFEs), or the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

How do I apply for a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR)?

A Letter of Map Change (LOMC) is a letter which reflects an official change to an effective Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). LOMCS are issued in response to a request of FEMA to revise or amend its effective flood map to remove a property or reflect changed flooding conditions on the effective map.

How do I apply for a Letter of Map Change (LOMC)?

FEMA Flood Map Adjustments on file with City of Palm Springs

Calle Arandas 3187 09-09-0448A Structure (Unit 34) Condo 2009.02.05
Camino Parocela 2001 14-09-1679A Structure (Bldg C) Condo 2014.03.18
Crystal Court 1342 09-09-2903A Structure SFR 2009.12.10
Farrell Drive S 505 96-09-1093A 1996.09.27
Lilliana Drive 230 199531273MBJ Structure SFR 1983.03.21
Linden Way 2601, 2603, 2605, 2607, 2609,2611 96-09-1113A Complex 1992.08.27
Linden Way 2601-2611 92-09-148B Complex 1992.08.27
Linden Way 2601-2611 93-09-154A Complex 1992.08.27
Manzanita Ave 1200 92-09-106B Structure SFR 1992.07.23
Mesquite Ave E 2701 00-09-802A Structure (Bldg H, Units 185-188) Condo 2000.09.22
Mesquite Ave E 3601 99-09-1201A Structure 1999.11.03
Primavera Drive E 1315 92-09-076B Structure SFR 1992.04.06
Ramon Road 1085 92-09-063G Structure (Bldg N,S,E,&W) Apts 1992.03.30
Rim Road 2051 09-09-1366A Structure SFR 2009.05.12
Riverside Drive S 877 199107815F1A Structure SFR 1991.11.08
Smokewood Ave 2254 10-09-2952A Structure SFR 2010.07.20
Sonora Court 1460 02.09-849A Structure SFR 2002.07.17
Sonora Court 1520 11-09-2589A Structure SFR 2011.06.07
Sonora Road 3505 14-09-1458A Structure SFR 2014.01.28
Sonora Road E 700 16-09-2791A Structure SFR 2016.11.17
SPC at Bogert Trail Vacant Land 09-09-2890P Vacant Land N/A 2010.06.17
Sunrise Way S 900 09-09-2209A Vacant Land N/A 2009.10.01
Sunshine Circle S 2192 08-09-241A Structure (Unit 13) Condo 2007.11.29
Sunshine Circle S 2210 07-09-0792A Structure (Unit 16) Condo 2007.02.27
Sunshine Circle S 2214 09-09-2520A Structure (Unit 14) Condo 2009.09.15
Sunshine Circle S 2236 07-09-1334A Structure (Unit 9) Condo 2007.10.25
Sunshine Drive 566 09-09-0886A Structure (Unit 21) Condo 2009.04.07
Sunshine Drive 570 09-09-2819A Structure (Unit 14) Condo 2009.09.15
Sunshine Drive 574 07-09-0793A Structure (Unit 18) Condo 2007.02.27
Sunshine Drive 576 07-09-1614A Structure (Unit 17) Condo 2007.08.07
Sunshine Drive 577 10-09-1811A Structure (Unit 10)  Condo  2010.06.03 
Sunshine Drive 581 06-09-0022A Structure (Unit 12) Condo 2006.01.24
Sunshine Drive 581 08-09-0121A Structure (Unit 12) Condo 2007.11.13
 Tahquitz Creek Channel @ Mesquite CC Golf Course  Sunrise Way to El Cielo Drive 19-09-1172P

Floodway, flood plain, condo units, & SFRs

Condo/SFR 2020.01.31
Tract 24235 Lot 28, EXC. S 25', W 10', &E 10' 98-09-329A Structure SFR 1998.03.04
Tract 24235 Lots 1-30 95-09-359A 1995.05.02
Tract 24235 Lots 3-5, 7-20, 23, 25 96-09-114A Structure SFR 1996.09.27
Tract 18370-1 Lot 2 92-09-162G 1992.09.10
Tract 36747 Tribeca-Soho-Rush &Portland Roads 16-09-0896A Structure Condo 2016.03.10
Vivian Circle 3571 98-09-948A Structure SFR 1998.08.19
Waverly Drive 5300 06-09-0193A Structure (Bldg A-K, M, N, & CLUBHOUSE) 2005.11.29
Waverly Drive 5300 96-09-1039A Structure (Bldg A-K, M, N, & CLUBHOUSE) 1996.08.20
Waverly Drive 5300 96-09-669A Structure (Bldg A-K, M, N, & CLUBHOUSE) 1996.08.05