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The City of Palm Springs is pleased to introduce a new interactive budget tool – OpenGov – a portal into the Finance Department’s budget data.  This new web-based financial review tool dynamically presents revenues and expenses, from historical trends to line item level details.  With the OpenGov platform, residents and staff have access to current and historical budget information, presented in a more user friendly format.  


To access the City of Palm Springs interactive portal, please visit



The Portal allows you to explore budget and historical finances in a simple graphical user interface. The main view includes a chart or graph, a legend and various controls to view revenues and expenses in different ways. 

You will notice the title of the chart or graph you are viewing on top along with the account type selector. You can use the filter to see the data that is of most interest to you.

To focus on specific data - like a fund, department, expense type, or any combination - look to the left and use the menu on the side panel. These selectors allow you to specify exactly what breakdown you want the graph or table to represent. When you select "Filtered By" the data filter pops up and allows you to turn on or turn off selected filters for that category - funds, departments, expense type. 

Keep in mind that some departments or expenses only receive funds from specific funds - if the department or expense is not funded from a particular fund, it will be grayed out. 

There are five different types of visual representations of the data - an area graph, an area graph by percentage, a line graph, a pie graph and a table. You can change your view by type at any point by simply selecting the different type of representation. The data will automatically convert. These functions are on the top right.


General Fund – Expenditures

Tax Revenue Sources

Expenses by Department

Personnel Cost by Department

Materials, Supplies and Services by Department

Cannabis Revenue

Sales & Use Taxes

Measure J Sales Tax


If you have any feedback, questions, or just want to make a comment, please do so by emailing our office at



Q:  How do I see the actual numbers within the graph?

A:  Hover over any area of the graph to see the actual or budgeted amounts for that period.  You can also scroll down to see a table with detailed information below the graph.


Q:  Can I see the data in a different graph?

A:  In the upper right hand corner, you will see options for the different graphs and tables.  There are five graph types – percentage, stacked, line, pie and bar graphs.  Below the graph view is a table view.  The table allows for zooming-in (drilling down) on the detailed financial data selected.


Q:  Can I save the data I am looking at?

A:  Yes, there are Share and Download buttons in the upper right corner.  You can share any view on a social network or by email or you can copy and paste the url at the top of the page you are viewing.


Q:  How do I contact my organization to ask a question?

A:  Use the Help drop down menu on the top right corner to navigate to the “Contact City of Palm Springs” option to send a message to your organization.