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The City of Palm Springs is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Application Guide - APPLICATION TIPS


Application Tips

As a candidate for a position, you will want to be sure your application accurately reflects your skills and abilities as they relate to the position to achieve maximum opportunity.

City applications must be thoroughly completed.  Please pay particular attention to the Education and Experience sections, this is where you will want to demonstrate your skills and abilities as they relate to the position.  Remember to thoroughly demonstrate how you meet the minimum requirements of the position on the application, other inclusions, such as Resumes and Cover Letters may be submitted, however they are not used to determine minimum qualifications. 

Be sure to fully complete all application details, such as dates of employment.  Without dates of employment you may not receive all the credit for the experience you detailed.  One year of work experience is the equivalent of 12 months of full-time work. “Full-time work” means at least 36 hours of work over a period of one week or 1,872 hours of work over a period of at least 12 months.

Calculating Work Experience

Full-time work experience can be calculated by adding up the number of weeks of full-time work (or equivalent), for example:

  • 36 hours per week in one job for a period of 12 months = 1 year of experience
  • 20 hours per week in one job for a period of 12 months = 6 months experience
  • 20 hours per week in one job for a period of 6 months = 3 months experience
  • Work experience of less than one year may be calculated by adding up the number of hours worked per week in a 12 month period and dividing by monthly minimum hours of 156 to calculate the number of full time equivalent months of experience, for example:
  • 10 hours per week in one job for a period of 12 months = 3.3 months experience
    • 10 hours x 12 months (52 weeks) = 520 hours
    • 520/156 = 3.3 months experience


In some instances, required higher education may be substituted on a year for year basis with related job experience, “equivalent”.  When this instance occurs the experience is in addition to any other required experience and other times only a specific type of educational background is required.  What’s important is that the substitution must be specific and the same as the experience that is required for the position  When the term “equivalent” is used for a high school diploma, this means that one has at least finished high school (grade 12 in the United States or a similar grade level in another country), or have a GED - a general equivalency diploma.

Resumes and/or references may be attached but cannot be accepted in lieu of a City application form.  Additionally, Resumes are not reviewed to determine minimum qualifications, only the information you detailed on your application will be considered.  Please avoid statements such as “see Resume”, as you may not receive credit for the experience unless detailed on your application.

Please remember to submit all your application materials by the closing date and time.  Applications received after the closing date and time cannot be considered.  Faxed or Email application materials will be accepted if followed by the original within one week of deadline. All information on the application is subject to investigation and verification.



Online Application Guide

Prepare Ahead of Time

  • Collect details about your education and employment history.  If you wish to submit a resume, you will cut and paste it into the application.  Do not use html tags.
  • The first time you create an application, be ready to spend 30 minutes or more, though you can save your work at any time and return to it later.
  • You will also need an email account.  If you do not already have one, free email is available through providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Google.

Log In to Our Secure Website: Click on the job title you are interested in, review the job qualifications. Then click on "Apply."  If this is your first online application with us, you will set up an account with a Username and Password.  Save them for future use:

Username: ___________________________
Password: ___________________________

Create a New Application or Edit a Prior One

  • Be thorough. Your application is the primary tool used to evaluate your job qualifications.  Applications may be rejected if incomplete.

For More Help

  • Need a computer? Use ours at the public Library located at Sunrise and Arenas.
  • Click on ‘HELP’ after you are logged in.
  • Contact Human Resources at (760) 323-8215, TTD (760)864-9527, or