Crime Lab

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Jamie JohnsonIn the Lab in the Palm Springs Police Department, our Crime Scene Technician, Julie Osburn, is responsible for crime scene identification, photography, latent fingerprint development, shoe sole impression evidence, tire impression evidence, tool marks, gunshot evidence, and crime scene diagrams.

Most of what is accomplished is performed in the lab, due to the added amount of equipment which is not available at the scene. Most items that are slated for latent fingerprint development are brought to the lab and processed. In the lab, there are numerous chemical processes that can be utilized on both porous and nonporous items, whether wet or dry. When fingerprints are developed and are suitable for identification purposes, these impressions are either sent to CAL ID to be entered into the Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or compared with a known suspect.

The cataloging, storage, and retrieval of crucial evidence is handled by Property Technician Tim Thomas.