Dispatch Center

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DispatchThe Palm Springs Police Department's Communications Center currently has 14 full-time dispatchers and two Dispatch Supervisors. All personnel in this division work under the supervision of Lt. William Hutchinson, Support Services Lieutenant.

We dispatch police and fire personnel for the City of Palm Springs only, however we do have the capability of transferring 911 calls from anywhere in the Coachella Valley. AT&T Language Services allows dispatchers to participate in a three-way conference call with a translator if so needed. They offer translating services in several languages.

DispatchThe dispatcher's role is to ascertain as much information as possible for the officer in the field. In emergency in-progress situations, the dispatcher will keep the caller on the telephone while simultaneously relaying updated information to the officer while he is en route to the scene. It is the dispatcher's responsibility to obtain vital information for the officers such as weapons involved, number of people involved, or if anyone is possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs. All of this information is important to the officer prior to arriving at the scene.

The dispatchers receive mostly on-the-job training. They also participate in a three week course of formal training after they have been on the job for approximately five months.

Our dispatch center is on the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system as well as Enhanced 911, which displays the caller's address and telephone number.

PLEASE remember to use the 911 system for emergency calls only! For non-emergency calls during business hours, phone PSPD Records Division at (760) 323-8116. After regular business hours, phone (760) 327-1441. Dispatch supervisors can be reached at (760) 778-8404.