Firing Range

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Firing rangeThe Palm Springs indoor firing range is a state of the art facility located adjacent to the PSPD Training Center and Police Station building. The range is operated by our Rangemaster, Chuck Menley.

In March of 1997, a comprehensive modernization of the PSPD Range was completed, thanks in part to the generosity of our local Indian tribe, the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla Indians.

There are five indoor lanes available, which can be used not only for live pistol and rifle training, but also shooting simulation judgment training. When the Range was refurbished, the department also purchased a Caswell International Corporation CineTronic™ Firearms Judgment Simulator. This equipment is advertised as the most advanced firearms judgment training available today.

CineTronic™ is a computer controlled, interactive, multi-media system with live-fire and laser capabilities. Its proprietary design allows trainees to use invisible laser or fire live ammunition with their own weapons. The life-like nature of CineTronic's seamless branching video, combined with its record-keeping capabilities, creates truly unique and invaluable training experiences in the classroom or in the range, for veteran or rookie.

PSPD personnel are trained regularly in the Range, but it is also used to train our Reserve Officers, Aero SquadronCitizen Police Academy attendees, local U.S. Secret Service agents, College of the Desert police science students and others.

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