Traffic Bureau

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The Palm Springs Police Department Traffic Bureau's mission is to provide the community with a safe a smooth flow of traffic during the daily commute. The Traffic Bureau consists of one sergeant, one investigator, four radar-equipped motorcycle officers, one traffic / DUI enforcement officer, two civilian volunteers, and eight school crossing guards. Each member of the Traffic team holds a specific role in an effort to reduce the amount of fatal and injury collisions on the streets of Palm Springs.

Crash site investigation

Since 1997, the Department has implemented a comprehensive traffic safety program and has targeted the impaired driver. Since that time, fatal and injury collisions involving drivers who are under the influence of alcohol have been reduced significantly.

The two civilian volunteers play a very significant role toward the traffic safety mission. These members are part of the Citizens on Patrol program and are trained in vehicle code laws governing vehicle storage and impounds. They administer the suspended driver (14602 VC) 30-day impound program. Last year alone, these members held 181 storage hearings, relieving officers from a burdensome task and allowing them more time for enforcement.

This past year, the Traffic team has planned and assisted in over thirty special events, working such functions as the "American Heat Motorcycle Weekend" and the "Festival of Lights Parade." These functions require extensive planning and dedication to detail for events to realize their potential success.

More information:

  • You can reach Arnold Galvan, Traffic Sergeant, at (760) 323-8105.
  • Traffic Investigator Alan Donovan can be reached at (760) 323-8125.
  • Palm Springs Motorcycle Enforcement Team (760) 323-8102.