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Bid Results

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Project Number Project Title Bid Date Bid Abstract
 IFB 19-01  Ramp and Fog Sealant for Airport  1/8/19  Bid Results
 IFB 19-02  Uniform Rental and Cleaning Services  2/19/19  Bid Results
 CP 19-03  ADA Curb Ramp Improvements  2/27/19  Bid Results
 IFB 19-03  Airport Ticketing Hall Remodel Project  5/2/19  Bid Results
 IFB 19-04  Pool Chemicals  5/15/19  Bid Results
 CP 18-15   Ramon Road Stormwater Drain project  6/13/19 Bid Results 
 CP 15-07  Downtown Park  7/15/19  No Bids
 CP 18-16  Cogen Cooling Units Retrofit  7/31/19  Bid Results
CP 15-31  Sidewalk Gap Closure Project  9/5/19  Bid Results
 CP 15-07  Downtown Park  9/12/19  Bid Results
 CP 19-01  Pavement Rehabilitation  9/12/19  Bid Results
 CP 18-12   Sign Replacement Program  9/17/18  Bid Results
 CP 19-22   Airport Terminal Modifications Project  9/19/19  Bid Results
 CP 16-02  Welwood Library Improvements  12/11/19  Bid Results
 CP 19-02  Slurry Seal 2020  1/9/20 Bid Results
 CP 19-35  Laser Leveling of Ballfields  1/14/20  No Bids