Storm Water Programs

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Due to our dry desert region, many residents within the City of Palm Springs are unaware of the storm drain pollution problem and the threat it poses to local rivers, lakes and streams. In fact, many people don't realize that the City's storm drains connect directly to local waterways, without treatment.

Many manmade pollutants such as trash, grease, construction products, and vehicle solvents accumulate on local streets and parking lots. When the rain does fall, these pollutants are carried into our local storm drains and end up in our washes and streams. Throughout the year, over watering of lawns and landscaping areas, car washing, and hosing down of driveways, washes pet droppings, fertilizers, and cleaning solvents to make their way into the City's storm drain system and eventually to the local washes. These in turn will be washed downstream with the next large rainfall affecting the local ecosystem. There are City of Palm Springs Municipal Codes in place to prevent and enforce illegal dumping of pollutants with the City's storm drain and stream systems. To report illegal storm drain dumping activity, contact Engineering Services at

The County of Riverside has additional information on the  Watershed Protection program. These links will help residents, contractors and developers, business owners make educated decisions to help in curbing stormwater pollution. It will also give information on County and State regulations regarding pollutants in storm drains during construction or washing activities.



Water quality is a great concern for our City and there are a number of local, county and state regulations in place to ensure that our citizens have access to clean drinking water. Education of water issues within our desert region is only one part of maintaining our water quality. The following links have information from local, county and state resources regarding programs for water quality standards and water conservation within the City of Palm Springs and all of the Coachella Valley.