Cannabis Related Business and Activities

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The Department of Special Program Compliance is responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Council for licensed commercial cannabis businesses within the City of Palm Springs. The department administers the application process, administers and coordinates the audit and inspection processes for licensed cannabis-related businesses, and enforcing regulatory compliance of licensed businesses engaged in commercial cannabis activity.

On June 27, 2017, Governor Brown signed into law the Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (“MAUCRSA”) which consisted of legislation (SB94) intended to provide a comprehensive regulatory framework for the licensing, control and taxation of medical and adult-use cannabis related businesses in California. MAUCRSA expressly protects a City’s local licensing practices and zoning authority, and allows local governments to enact ordinances relative to allowing or prohibiting cannabis-related business and activities. The act also required compliance with any and all local requirements for cannabis-related operations as a condition of state licensure.

In response to the adoption of MAUCRSA, the City Council adopted Ordinance 1933 on July 26, 2017, which made amendments to Chapter 5.45 of the Palm Springs Municipal Code (PSMC) relative to Medical Cannabis-related business activities, and established Chapter 5.55 for the regulation of Adult Use Cannabis Facilities. On December 4, 2019 the City Council adopted Ordinance 2005 amending and revising the PSMC relative to adult-use cannabis in Chapter 5.55 and deleted Chapters 5.35 and 5.45 of the PSMC.


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Complaints / Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is the prevention, detection, investigation and enforcement of violations of statutes or ordinances regulating public health, safety, and welfare, public works, business activities and consumer protection, building standards, land-use, or municipal affairs.

Cannabis complaints can be made to Code Enforcement. Click Here To File a Complaint