Scheduled Utility Outages

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SCE UPDATE DUE TO WEATHER CHANGES as of 8/2/2020 @ 19:12 (7:12pm)



Due to weather conditions, SCE may need to shut off power (a PUBLIC SAFETY POWER SHUTOFF or PSPS) to electrical circuits in High Fire Risk Areas (HFRA) serving portions of some cities and/or unincorporated areas in Riverside County. SCE is also notifying customers on the affected circuits about the potential for shutoff, giving them time to prepare. Weather conditions have changed and we are providing an updated status for all circuits with potential for power shutoff in your area.


o Visit and input your city or zip code to view potential outages in your area.
o CALL 800-611-1911 is for outage-specific Customer Service issues.
o CALL 800-684-8123 is for all other billing and service inquiries. 
o Update customer contact information at


To report an outage, call 1-800-611-1911 

To operate a generator during a Maintenance Outage, call 1-888-759-6056, then press 2.

For Rotating Outage Group information, call 1-800-611-1911. 

For Maintenance Outage updates, call 1-888-759-6056, then press 1.

Please note that the outage times are estimated. Outages may not begin or end at the stated times, and your power may be turned on and off more than once during the outage period. In order to cause you the least amount of inconvenience, we isolate the outages down to the smallest area possible and complete the work as safely and as quickly as we can. Please note that this outage may not be related to any rotating outages that could be occurring in your area.

How to Prepare and Lessen the Impact of an Outage:

  • Make sure that all your devices are fully charged the night before. 
  • For those needing health related devices that need power from an AC current, make arrangements for yourself well in advance.
  • When a traffic signal is not working or flashing red, the intersection should be treated as a four-way stop. All drivers should come to a complete stop and wait their turn before proceeding forward or turning. 
  • This outage will affect your alarm systems and may affect private phone systems. Please contact your security and/or phone companies to let them know you have experienced an outage
  • Make sure you can override or manually operate your security gates.
  • To reduce the potential for loss of data and/or damage to your equipment, be sure to shut off or disconnect all sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers and fax machines, before the outage begins. Please note that a system reboot may be required if your system must disconnect from a server, and turning off or disconnecting some equipment may cause cached data to be lost.
  •  Download the SCE mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play to stay updated on the event status.

Crucial Medical Equipment:

Some people depend on uninterrupted power to operate medical equipment in their homes. We try our best to notify Medical Baseline customers before maintenance outages and rotating outages. Since we cannot guarantee uninterrupted service you should always have a backup plan. This could mean a backup power system or other arrangements.

  • Equipment backup: If your medical equipment is supplied by a hospital or a durable medical equipment company, work with them to develop an emergency or backup plan. Some companies may supply additional medical equipment and other services during emergency situations.
  • Get on “Special needs” Lists: Contact your local fire department to learn whether they maintain a list of people with special medical needs. Being on this list may help them better respond to you during emergencies. 
  • Emergency contacts: Keep emergency phone numbers handy. This includes your doctor, police, fire and durable medical equipment company (if applicable).\ 
  • Backup plan: Develop plans to leave your home in the event of a lengthy power outage. Share this plan with family, friends, and others that should be aware.

Emergency generator during the outage:

  • If you plan to operate an emergency generator during the outage, please call SCE at (800) 990-7788. Knowing you have a generator at your facility will help us protect our employees from possible electrical backfeed.
  • If you do not have a generator, you might consider renting a portable one if needed. Please note that SCE cannot reimburse you for this cost.