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The Department of Special Program Compliance has prepared an on-line tool for your submittal of the Contract Summary for compliance with Ordinance No. 1918, Section 5.25.070(h). We appreciate that your time is valuable and this Contract Summary tool has been designed with that in mind.  

You are required to begin submitting your Contract Summaries using this tool for each guest stay that has a check-in date of September 5, 2017 or later.  Providing the Contract itself is not necessary and will not be accepted as a Contract Summary.  Note that you cannot submit Contract Summaries retroactively.

If you are a Homeshare, contract count is not applicable and you are not required to submit a Contract Summary.

For Agency Operated Vacation Rentals - Click Here to Submit Contract Summary

For Owner Operated Vacation Rentals - Click Here to Submit Contract Summary

To extend a guests current stay, please use the link below

For Agency Operated and Owner Operated Vacation Rentals - Contract Summary Departure Date Revision Form (to extend guest stays) - Click Here

If you need to cancel a contract, please use the appropriate form you would use to submit a contract summary and select the option Contract Cancellation. Contract cancellations may only occur prior to the occupancy of the vacation rental property by a guest. Should your guests cancel their booking, and should you not submit a contract cancellation in a timely manner, the submission of the contract summary will count as one contract.